What to Tell Your Student After Auditions

Auditioning and casting is such an emotional part of performing – the tears of joy and sadness when the cast list comes out. This is a hard part for parents to go through as well. So what do you do when your child is upset because they didn’t get cast in the role they wanted?

  1. Talk about what is good about how they were cast…a new challenge, friends in the cast. Find the “known” positive aspects of the casting and focus on those. 
  2. If they are cast in an ensemble role – talk about what they want to focus on in the ensemble. What do they want to learn? How do they want to grow as a performer?
  3. Remind them that just because they may not have gotten the role they wanted does not mean they weren’t great or right for the role. Casting is like a giant puzzle and all the pieces (roles) have to fit together!
  4. Emphasize that we look out for all the actors, no matter how “big” or “small” their role may be. Just because they don’t have lines does not mean they won’t have plenty to do or that they won’t have a great time during the process. We work to feature everyone in the result, but it is the process that is the most important! Think about the show “Sleeping Beauty” – Princess Aurora may be one of the lead characters, but she is in the show the least amount of scenes.
  5. Never count your lines. It does not matter if you have one line or fifty lines – it is what you do with those lines that matter. It only takes one line for the audience to love you! Instead of focusing on how big your role is – focus on how you are going to make your role big.
  6. Talk with them about how their auditions went. Focus on what went well and where to improve. Remember that auditioning is a skill and actors get better at it each time they do it! Auditions is where the process of each show begins (no matter how many shows you have done, it all restarts at auditions).
  7. Instead of focusing on “the director cast the show wrong” or “you deserved that role”  or “this is unfair” – focus on what they are going to get out of the show. No one knows what the director sees in each actor and what the overall vision is. You cannot compare yourself to another actor and the moment you think you deserve a role is when you actually don’t deserve it. As actors, we are constantly striving to improve and grow our talents.
  8. Casting is not personal! Directors do not cast shows to hurt actors feelings or to pick their favorites – they cast shows to be successful and each actor to be successful.

As you prepare for auditions at PATABS and The Vault Theater Company, take a deep breath and prepare!