Vault Orchestra Program

To expose local student musicians to orchestral experiences outside of the public school setting. This program will keep students playing throughout the summer and provide honor level music throughout the school year. String sectionals will consist of string technique, string orchestra music, fiddle music, etc. Wind/Perc sectionals will consist of band technique, marches, concert band music, etc. Full ensemble will consist of standard and contemporary symphonic music.

**Students must provide instruments, instrument supplies (Reeds, rosin, etc), a stand.
**Studio will provide music, chairs, folders.

Placement: Students will be placed in accordance to their chair audition. Placements will be reevaluated at the beginning of each semester. This program is open to students in 6th grade-12th grade. 

Concerts: Each ensemble will perform at PATABS/Vault Theater Company showcases, public performances, instrumental studio concerts.

Vault Orchestra ProgramMonday5:00pm-7:00pm$65/monthRegister