Snow White the Ballet

Show Date: Sunday October 28th 2018 at 2:00 PM

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About the Show:


The Queen, jealous of Snow White’s youth and beauty, orders her to make herself useful by tending the garden. After the angry Queen leaves, the garden becomes an enchanted place where colorful flowers, exotic birds, buzzing bees, a beautiful butterfly and dazzling dragonflies distract Snow White from her chores. Vowing to be rid of Snow White forever the Queen summons her evil goblins. Together they brew a magic potion, which produces a poison apple and transforms her into an ugly witch.

Exhausted from her journey, Snow White falls asleep in the forest surrounding the castle. The animals are curious about the stranger in their kingdom and one by one each of them comes to look at her. Realizing that she will not harm them, they try to cheer her with their antics. Seven dwarfs wander through the forest on their way home from the mines. They sense something is different and wonder what it could be.


The animals take Snow White to a rural cottage. Finding it in disarray the animals help Snow White tidy up the cottage. Snow White grows tired and the animals help her to bed.

A short while later seven dwarfs return to their cottage. They become suspicious when they notice it has been cleaned and someone is sleeping on their beds. They approach the intruder with caution and are relieved to find it is only a girl. Snow White wakens and tells the dwarfs how she was banished from the castle the only home she has ever known.

The dwarfs return to work leaving Snow White alone in the cottage. The queen disguised as a witch knocks on the door of the cottage and asks Snow White for a drink of water. To thank Snow White for her kindness the witch gives her an apple. Snow White takes a bite of the apple and falls to the ground.

Will her prince come and save her?